Salt Wash FAQ

Z3 Salt Remover/Salt Flush is an awesome salt remover and is similar to others on the market. It removes dry, baked on salt and with Sodium Nitrite will inhibit corrosion on surfaces that remain wet, like the inside of your engine.

Z4 Quad Action Salt Wash is our new generation salt wash, it not only dissolve salt instantly, will also help soften fishing grime, kill fishing odours and bacteria, with Sodium Metasilicate will inhibit corrosion on surfaces that dry off, like your trailer.

All of our salt washes are PH neutral and bio-degradable.

Absolutely, Z3 is similar to other standard salt removers on the market, however Z4 has many additional benefits as in question 1 above..

Yes, however Z4 is a thicker concentrate, and may take longer to flush through the mixer, Z3 is lower viscosity (thinner) and also has a corrosion inhibitor that suits surfaces that stay wet like the inside of your engine.

The Z4 foam will dissolve the salt as fast as you can apply it, you can rinse it off straight away.


Absolutely, all our washes are PH neutral, bio-degradable, and safe on any surface.

You should still be able to rinse the majority of the dry foam off with the Z4X or G2 guns. If not simply re-apply ZeroSalt foam to the dried areas and re-rinse, or use a soft cloth or brush first.

Absolutley not! Zero Salt washes are PH neutral (neither acidic or alkaline). They will not affect any polishes, waxes, protections or coatings on any surface they are used on.

Ceramics FAQ

Z1 ceramic wax and Z2 ceramic spray are water based DIY Ceramic alternatives to the expensive solvent based ceramic coatings which require professional application.

Z1 and Z2 contain Si02 and/or Ti02 polymers, and compared to traditional waxes, they apply faster and easier, cure harder, and last longer.


Our ceramics will add gloss and shine, and will help repel water, salt, dust and UV rays for gel coat hulls, painted/powder coated or vinyl wrapped hulls.

They will help repel water, salt, UV rays and dust on bare alloy hulls, glass, acrylics, and galvanised steel although the will not make a visual difference.

For optimal results we recommend 2 base coats of Z1 Ceramic Wax 24hrs apart, and boost with Z2 Ceramic Spray every 2-3 months.

Shipping & Returns

All our products are stocked in Silverdale, north of Auckland, and we ship every afternoon. If you order before 2pm we will ship your order with tracking the same day - Next day delivery North Island, 2 days South Island, rural maybe a day or 2 on top.

We haven't had to refund anyone yet, but if for any reason you're not happy with your purchase we won't argue! Let us know within 4 weeks of your order and well send you a pre-paid courier satchel. Send your order back in reasonable condition and we'll refund you in full.