Marine salt wash and protection products have been around for nearly 30 yrs, and not much has changed since their inception.  A blend of surfactants, wetting agents, corrosion inhibitors have done their job well since 1994.

But sea water is not just water and salt.  Every organic and in-organic element on earth is also in the ocean.  And they will rust, rot, deteriorate, clog, and stink up your marine assets.  Old style salt removers will remove salt, thats easy....but will they kill bacteria, odours, attack grime, ocean contaminants and protect against further infection?

Zero Salt's 3 active solutions (Z3, Z4, Z5) obliterate salt instantly on contact.  As fast as you can apply the active foam, salt is lifted from the surface and liquified.  No need to wait for All you need to do then is rinse the contaminated foam off before it dries.




Z3 Salt Flush/Salt Remover.  

Everything you'd expect, and are used to in a salt remover. Perfect for use as an engine flush.  And fantastic as boat and trailer wash, fishing and dive gear wash. But it removes... just salt.  So why would you use Z3 on anything but your engine when theres Z4...

 Z4 Salt Quad Action Salt Wash

A new generation fusion of a traditional salt remover, with newer detergents, foaming agents, anti-bacterial and anti-odour elements.  The same anti-corrosion, salt removing properties that your used to, with more cleaning power that will kill bacteria, foul odours and help soften and remove fishing grime.  Safe on any surface, biodegradable and PH Neutral.  But wait theres more...


Z5 Hybrid Salt Wash

18% more concentrated than Z4, and blended with  Z1 ceramic Si02 protection. (Z1+Z4+Z5 right?).  Protect, revive and rejuvenate your boats glossy coat with every wash.  Si02 nano composites will  protect against UV rays, help maintain the gloss on a gelcoat or powder coated alloy boat, and will help stop salt, water, and dust sticking to your surfacers.  Oh and it works awesome with a base boat of Z1 or Z2 ceramic wax first....


Z1 Ceramic Wax.

To put it plainly, ceramic waxes apply faster and easier, bond stronger, cure faster, last longer, and give flatter more hydrophobic surface than traditional polishes and waxes.  Unbeatable protection against UV rays, salt, water, dust and muck.  Simply wipe on with a microfibre cloth, and wipe off.

Z2 Ceramic Spray

Same as above, but thinner and even easier to apply.  Spray on, spread with a microfibre cloth, and wipe off.  We recommend a base coat of Z1, and top up coats of Z2 every 2-3 months and washes with Z5.