Why Use Zero Salt

Every element that is on earth is also in the ocean.  Sea water is not just water and sodium chloride (salt).

It is a mixture of many different salts, minerals, chemicals, and other organic and inorganic contaminants and pollutants.  

After a day on the water these are dried and baked onto your boat and gear in a much more concentrated form than when diluted in the sea water.

Pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers, industrial chemicals, oil, farming pollutants, raw sewerage to name just a few.

Washing your boat and gear in fresh water or your common salt remover type product will not effectively remove all of these contaminants.

ZeroSalt Z3 and ZeroSalt Z3+Armour don't only remove salt.  They remove salt, and breaks the bond between other contaminants and your marine surfaces  and remove a range of pollutants that water will not. 

Zerosalt Z3 Triple Action will remove salt, ocean pollutants, fishing and diving residue like blood and guts, and combat foul odours with its raspberry scented deep cleaning solution.  Its bio-degradable and safe on all surfaces

ZeroSalt Z3+Armour will do all of this and leave behind a water repellant polymer film which will help protect and maintain the gloss on your boat between use.  (By the way its not a replacement for your usual waxing/polishing practises, and it wont interferr with it either). Its bio-degradable and safe on all surfaces.

ZeroSalt Z60 60 Second Salt Flush, will lift and remove salt from your engine. Its bio-degradable and safe on all surfaces.  Can you use it on your boat and other gear?  Of course but Z3 is formulated to combat other contaminants as well as salt.