Z4 Salt Foam Wash + Foam Cannon Combo - Zero Salt
Z4 Salt Foam Wash + Z4XL Foam Cannon Combo - Zero Salt
ESSENTIALS Combo - Zero Salt
ESSENTIALS Combo - Zero Salt


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Everything you need for boat, trailer, engine and gear! 

Zero Salt ESSENTIALS Combo includes:


Our Z4X Foam Gun disperses super thick salt grabbing foam, that melts salt as fast as you can spray it on. Then simply detach the pistol from the foam body to rinse it off instantly with fresh water.

Z4 New Generation Salt Wash's Active foam dissolves 100% of salt instantly on contact.  Z4 inhibits corrosion, softens fishing grime, is anti-bacterial and anti-odour.

Z3 Salt Remover + Flush removes salt instantly, and inhibits corrosion on surfaces that stay wet, like the inside of your outboard.

  • ✅ Super thick active foam obliterates salt in seconds.
  • ✅ Also Attacks bacteria, foul odours and softens fishing grime
  • ✅ Corrosion inhibitors for wet (eg. engine) and dry (eg. trailer) surfaces
  •  Formulated for boat, trailer, jetski, fishing & diving gear
  • ✅ Just 45mls is enough for a 6m boat, trailer, and gear
  •   PH neutral, bio-degradable, safe on any surface

Overnight shipping North Island, 2 days South Island, money back guarantee, 3 Yr warranty on G2 Gun

Keep your gear clean, salt free.... and grab one of these combos while stocks last!