Z4X Foam Gun - Zero Salt
Z4X Foam Gun - Zero Salt

Z4X Foam Gun (old model clearance)

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The Z4X Foam Gun is used to apply a thick foaming layer of Z4 or Z5 HYBRID Salt Wash over your contaminated surfaces.

With 6 foam settings available, use SETTING 1 for approx  - 5-10 minutes constant foam time,( large boat + gear), or SETTING 2 for approx 3-6 minutes (smaller boat + gear) constant foam time.  Higher settings will apply a more concentrated solution, but less foam time.

Mix the recommended amount of ZeroSalt solution  with 900ml water, and soak your boat, trailer, fishing and dive gear in ZeroSalt foam.  Then simply rinse the salty, dirty, smelly foam away with fresh water.