Z7 SEA VIZ 2 in 1 Glass Cleaner + Coating - Zero Salt

Z7 SEA VIZ Glass CLeaner+Coating

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Z7 SEA VIZ is a 2 in 1 streak fee glass cleaner with a hydrophobic coating.  Streak free glass cleaning with an invisible barrier that repels sea spray, improves water beading and enhances visibility.

Simply spray on and wipe off, for a super-clean crystal clear surface that water and salt will have no chance of sticking to!

  •   2 in 1 formula cleans and protects in 1 application
  •   Hydrophobic barrier repels salt water spray
  • ✅  Streak free, spray on, wipe off


1. Spray directly onto surface, or onto microfibre cloth

2. Wipe clean to remove salt and contaminants.

3. With a second clean microfibre cloth, buff off excess.


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