Z2 Ocean Armour Ceramic Spray - Zero Salt
Z2 Ocean Armour Ceramic Spray - Zero Salt
Z2 Ocean Armour Ceramic Spray - Zero Salt


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Ocean Armour ceramic sprays and waxes bond with fibreglass, powder coated and painted hulls giving a longer lasting, flatter, more hydrophobic coating that traditional waxes.  

  • ✅  Ceramic Si02 & Ti02 polymers bonds to your boats surface giving a flatter, glossier, and longer lasting coating  
  • ✅  Unbeatable protection against UV rays, water, salt and grime.
  • ✅  Super easy to apply - Wipe On, Wipe Off.

 Ocean Armour Ceramic waxes are infused with SiO2 & Ti02 technology and other ingredients that cure stronger and harder than traditional waxes and sealants.

As Ocean Armour cures,  it creates  a flatter, glossier surface, which amplifies the salt water shedding or hydrophobic properties.  It will help repel salt, water, UV rays, ocean contaminants and dust.

Ocean Armour ceramic waxes and sprays  are formulated to allow you to build additional layers over time for unrivalled protection for your boat. 

For the best results apply at least one base coat of Z1 Ceramic Liquid Wax and 1 topper coat of Z2 Ceramic Spray. Regular washing with Z5 Hybrid Ceramic wash will help maintain the protection.

Patch test of our Ocean Armour ceramic waxes:


Instructions: (shake before use)

1.  Spray directly onto surface or microfibre pad or cloth and spready evenly across surface.
3. Wait 15-30 minutes for wax to bond to surface.
4. Use a clean, dry microfibre cloth to buff excess wax from surface.

  • Add more layers  with 24hrs cure time between coats for increased protection.
  • Use Z5 HYBRID SALT WASH + OCEAN ARMOUR after every boating trip for unrivalled protection.

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